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ServicesLocated in Igiugig, Alaska, Iliamna Lake Region

Airstrip Construction
Road Construction
Airstrip and Road Construction
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Past Projects involving Airstrip Construction:

Equipment Rental
Demolition and Equipment Rental
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Past Projects involving Demolition Services:

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Quarry Management & Gravel Sales
Camp Services
Quarry and Camp Services
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Igiugig Gravel Pit, Igiugig, Alaska


Iliamna Lake Contractors LLC manages the quarry located in Igiugig for the benefit of the Igiugig Native Corporation/Bristol Bay Native Corporation. Our responsibilities include annual pre- and post-season quantity surveys, gravel extraction and marketing of "value added" product.

Past Projects utilizing Igiugig Pit products:

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Our 16 person man camp consists on 9 interconnected modular trailers. The camp has the ability to house 16 people with all the modern conveniences of home. Included within this camp are four comfortable suites with a double bed and private baths as well as six double rooms that share a wash room complete with three shower stalls and three lavatory stalls. The large industrial kitchen is equipped with restaurant quality appliances, including steam tables and refrigerated tables. Guests have the convenience of self service laundry. The media room provides satellite television and internet service.

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